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Oasis Spa

The Oasis Spa spa

Indulge and restore yourself at The Oasis Spa. We have created this sanctuary of health by combining a unique environment of relaxation with soothing music, aromatherapy and the trained hands of a certified Aesthetician who will use the most advanced skin care for your face and hands.

We seek to restore outer beauty with professional care and inner beauty with a sense of quiet and internal well being. When you learn to relax, soothe your senses and nourish your skin, you will find that your energy and state of mind will lift you to a more positive realm.

Each Treatment is customized and equally suitable for women and men.

Spa Services Include:

  • Green Tea Facial- A relaxing facial which provides essential antioxidants needed to renew the skin. This facial is soothing and gentle for sensitive skin types.
  • Tropical Facial- Awakens the senses while providing hydration and healing properties to moisturize, enrich and renew the skin. This facial is good for most skin types.
  • Men’s Mediterranean Facial- A facial created to revitalize and renew skin texture. Deep cleansing and moisturizing helps create a smooth and firmer skin.  Warm stone therapy can be added to any facial.
  • Soft Tissue Manipulation- We will consult with your physician and your physical therapist.
  • Hand Treatment- Indulge your hands with deep heat, gentle hand cleanser and soothing moisturizer. Great for arthritic hands.  Paraffin wax treatment available.

We are very sensitive to the needs of our clients, male and female.

Facial and hand treatments are offered to our residents at no charge.


“Aesthetics provides a feeling of relaxation and spirit. Working at Martin Nursing gives me the opportunity to provide my personalized services to our Residents in a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. I look forward to serving you at The Oasis Spa.”

Beth Smith
License # FB9727715