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Care Services


Licensed, experienced RN’s and LPN’s provide the professional, skilled care in assessing the health needs of each resident and maintaining close communication with physicians to facilitate the treatment of health problems. Certified Nursing Assistants provide personal care to each resident under the supervision of RN’s and LPN’s.

A nurse M.D.S. Coordinator oversees the process of evaluating residents and establishing a plan of care for each resident using an interdisciplinary team process. Our Nursing Restorative Program evaluates each resident for the potential to participate in nursing rehabilitation and then designs a resident-specific program to enhance independence and quality of life.

All nursing services are provided under the direction of a qualified nurse management team led by an experienced R.N. Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, Nurse Managers and Resident Care Coordinator. Nursing staff are all required to attend in-service education programs designed to keep the nursing staff current in nursing practice standards.

Pharmacy Consultant

Our consultant pharmacist is qualified to perform pharmacy functions necessary to assure an appropriate medication regimen. A pharmacist will handle all prescribed medication orders from physicians. The pharmacy service is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Medication billing is done directly by the pharmacy.

We are unable to use any medication brought with the resident at the time of admission, per State regulation, unless the resident is being transferred from a hospital or another nursing facility.

Rehabilitative Services cones

Rehabilitative services in the facility include Physical, Occupational, Speech, I.V., and Wound Therapies. These are initiated when ordered by the attending physician. Our facility encourages our residents to actively participate in the daily promotion of a sense of personal dignity and accomplishment. Rehabilitation is focused on attaining the highest level of functioning for our residents.

Dietary and Nutrition Consultations

Tasty, hot homemade meals are served in our dining areas. Assistance with meals, when necessary, is a normal function for our staff. Menus are planned by a Registered Dietitian. These menus are prepared under the direction of our Certified Dietary Manager. We provide a substitute menu for our residents, enabling them to make choices when it comes to their meals. Prescribed special diets are given special attention by our Dietary staff.


Snacks are available in the mornings, afternoons, and at night. Physician’s orders control the bringing of additional foods to patients. Prior to the discharge home, our Dietary Staff will meet with you to assist in maintaining your nutritional health in the home.


Social Services

Following admission, we continue to provide supportive services to meet individual needs.  Our Social Services Department is available to handle any concerns or needs that you may have regarding your resident or our facility including scheduling Mental Health Service consultations.

Hospice and Palliative Care Services

Hospice and Palliative Care services are also available to residents in need of comfort care or end of life care. Both services are in partnership with Hospice of the Treasure Coast.  You may contact our Nursing or Social Services Departments to assist in arranging Hospice services for your loved ones.


Ancillary Services

Business Office

The Business Office is open Monday through Friday. A personal interest bearing Resident Fund account may be established in the office to provide residents with small amounts of cash for incidental purchases. The Resident Fund is also used for residents who get their hair done regularly at our Beauty Shop. Funds are automatically deducted from the account at the time of service. Quarterly statements of each account are mailed to responsible parties. A safe is provided for safekeeping of resident valuables.

Beauty Shop/Barber Services


We provide beauty and barber services during the week, please see the receptionist for scheduling.




Housekeeping, Laundry, and Maintenance

Our housekeeping and maintenance staffs make every effort to assure that our facility is well-kept and clean. Housekeeping staff clean the entire facility, daily. Preventative maintenance programs are in place to assure the good working condition of the facility inside and outside.

We provide total laundry service. There is no additional charge for laundering personal clothing. All clothing must be durable and of wash and wear, non-iron materials. It also must be properly labeled with a permanent marker or name tags. Please do not write names where they can visible on the outside of the clothing.

A form is provided to record all personal belongings brought into the facility.